Part √−1: pre-disclaimer
To anyone who feels like plastering some kind of labels or trendy attributes on me.

1. I'm not a "conspiracy theorist"
2. I like logic
3. I question EVERYTHING
4. I do not trust any person or institution
5. I question myself just as much
6. I can't stand lies, liars or notorious hypocrites
7. I am not against vaccinations in general

What I care most about is the following:
1. Freedom of thought and expression
2. Justice
3. Honesty

However uncomfortable and socially subversive some topics are.

If you don't share these values, you certainly won't agree with me.

I fight hard for these things.

Somehow this makes me an awkward voice in the stream of the general narrative. I make satirical reflections and artworks about the absurdities of our society but I'm very serious about my mission and my goal with all of this, which is to make people aware of what happens when they don't pay attention.

I want people not to blindly trust anyone, not any media, not the government, not me, not anyone. I want everyone to work to gather sufficient information before judgment and decision. For this I am often misunderstood.

So this work will hopefully inform you that everything I do comes from a place of love. I want you to gather all the information you need yourself to make informed decisions. I want you to have all the human rights and freedoms you deserve as a sovereign human being. I want you to be able to protect your family by knowing the truth, whatever it may be. for you, even if it is different from the truth for me.

I can just try to explain one view of how things might be, I can not understand for you, that is each own work and each has their own understanding.